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Alpha GeoLocation Solution

ALPHA GeoLocation Solution

Intelligence Tracking

Intelligent software suite with advanced-tracking capabilities within and outside the boundary of home country

Unique & Scalable

A unique and scalable solution for National Security, Law Enforcement Agencies and Intelligence Services

Easy to Use

Minimum telecom requirement and integration effort

Advanced Location Tracking and Mobile Information & Deception System

GSM Location Technology

Cell Type Cell Dimension (m)
Large macrocell 3,000 - 30,000
Small macrocell 1,000 - 3,000
Microcell 100 - 1,000
Picocell 10 - 100
Nanocell 1 - 10
GSM Location Technology

Key Advantages

Locate and track targets independently, without the involvement of mobile operator staff

Provide real-time target location information with cross-border capability

Allow authorized personnel to retrieve target location information via their mobile devices

Cost effective, fast and easy to deploy

Physical Network & Equipment Schema