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CYBAIR takes the cyber world into the aerial dimension

Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) Tactical Interception has become increasingly difficult with the development of 3G and WIFI networks, not only because of encryption algorithms that became more and more common, but also because both require the interceptor to be located just a few dozens of meters from the target.

Such Micro-Tactical operations are not feasible in some regions or they require significant risk to the operational team, as they need to be much closer to the target in hostile environments.

CYBAIR integrates WIFI and GSM/3G interception solutions with a VTOL drone (the Da Vinci) capable of solving numerous operational barriers of existing systems by delivering the payloads very close to the target.

The Da Vinci VTOL Drone


It's quiet operation allows it to fly very close to the target covertly without being detected.


It has the ability to perform interval missions and then fly back to the TO/LND site.


The Da Vinci has a tremendous power pack that can last hours in missions in up to 10km range.