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Omega-C is a powerful intelligence tool that allows to effectively track targets activities by monitoring their most utilized device – their cell phone.

The Omega-C is a state-of-the-art system that was designed to monitor, track, manipulate and control cellphones both in GSM networks and 3G (UMTS) networks. Notwithstanding the fact that the Omega-C has superior interception capabilities of calls and SMS, the Omega- A can conduct further intelligence and communication-control actions that are valuable for various operational actions.

Tactical design for intuitive operation, easy transport and fast deployment

Calls and SMS Interception

The Omega-C conducts seamless interception of target inbound and outbound and SMS over GSM networks without cooperation or authorization from the GSM operator.

The Omega-C can monitor as much targets as required and handle multiple live calls simultaneously.

Calls and SMS Interception


The Omega-C can block the communication of all phones in a certain area or to block the communication of only specific phones.

Calls and SMS Manipulations

Block or disconnect specific or all calls and SMS messages of any target

Send fake SMS messages (fake content and fake identity) to the target or on behalf of the target

Reroute calls and SMS from/to the target

Change SMS content that was sent from/to the targetIMSI and IMEI extraction

The Omega-C allows to extract the identity of any phone in the area and also to alert about the presence of specific phones or targets in a certain area

Calls and SMS Manipulations

Extract Phone Identities

Send fake SMS

Block phone communication

Intercept multiple calls

Disconnect designated calls

Reroute calls and SMS

Alert about presence of target phones

Locate phones position

Disable GSM explosive devices

GSM and 3G coverage

Network encryption

Easy transport & fast deployment