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OMEGA-W WIFI Interception System

Omega-W WIFI Interception System

Omega-W WiFi provides a holistic solution enabling law enforcement and intelligence agencies to address the challenges imposed by the communication changes. Omega-W WiFi is an end to end solution which provides both passive mapping of the WiFi arena and active interception of specified targets generating meaningful insights.

Omega-W WiFi was designed with an intelligence operations in mind:

Focus on operational simplicity

Quick intelligence gathering

Fast actions and minimal keystrokes

Maximum automation


How It Works:

The system is tightly integrated and is comprised of a customized hardware with superior operational range of up-to hundreds of meters and a small case making it a perfect solution for covert intelligence collection operations.

Omega-W’s superior hardware is combined with a complete suite of software functionalities ranging from passive interception, to active non-intrusive interception and finally to active intrusive interception.


1 A dedicated, durable, all-in-one hardware box that offers extended operating ranges and connectivity in the field. The box fits into many types of backpacks and other portable bags.

2 A hybrid laptop that becomes a tablet device with a touchscreen. Field agents use the laptop’s intuitive interface to control OMEGA-W wirelessly.


access to devices by finding the right method for each scenario


operational effectiveness through an intuitive, map-based interface


several kinds of tools to obtain user credentials and secured data


robust field performance based on proprietary hardware